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Complementary & Alternative Therapy Organizations American Association of Naturopathic Physicianswww.naturopathic.org               866-538-2267 American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicinewww.aaaomonline.org               866-455-7999 American Chiropractic Associationwww.acatoday.org               703-276-8800 American Holistic Health Associationwww.ahha.org               714-779-6152 American Holistic Medical Associationwww.ahmaholistic.com               505-292-7788 American Holistic Veterinary Medical Associationwww.ahvma.org                     410-569-0795 American Osteopathic Associationwww.Osteopathic.org               800-621-1773 Chicago Healerswww.chicagohealers.com Holistic Arts and Health Alliancewww.inspiremassage.com               847-217-1278 IAAMB – International Association of Animal Massage and Bodyworkwww.iaamb.org                      800-903-9350 IAAOR – Illinois Alliance for Animal/Owners Rightswww.iaaor.org IAATH – International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healingwww.iaath.com                       580-276-9811 Natural Healerswww.naturalhealers.com   Complementary & Alternative Therapy Books Aternative Medicine:  The Definitive Guide.  Burton Goldberg Group.  Puyallup, Wash. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook.  Sobel M.D., David.  Ornstein PhD, Robert Killing Pain without Prescription.  Gelb D.M.D., Harold.  Siegel, Paula New Choices in Natural Healing.   Prevention Magazine Prescription for Nutritional Healing.  Balch C.N.C., Phyllis.  Balch M.D., James Spontaneous Healing.  Andrew Weil Love Thyself.  Masaru Emoto The Enzyme Cure.  Lita Lee You Are What You Eat.  Dr. Gillian McKeithAromatherapy Organizations Center for Aromatherapy Research and Educationwww.raindroptraining.com               800-758-8629 National Association for Holistic Aromatherapywww.naha.org               509-325-3419 Essential Animalswww.essentialanimals.com Young Living Essential Oilswww.youngliving.us               800-371-3515  Aromatherapy Books A Natural History of the Senses.  Ackerman, Diane Aromatherapy:  Application and Inhalations.  Rose, Jeanne Aromatherapy for the Soul.  Worwood, Valerie Ann. Essential Oils Desk Reference.  Compiled by Essential Science Publishing The Art of Aromatherapy:  The Beautifying and Healing Properties ofthe Essential Oils of Flowers and Herbs.  Tisserand, Robert B. Reference Guide for Essential Oils.  Higley, Connie and Alan  Craniosacral Therapy Organizations Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy Association of North Americawww.craniosacraltherapy.org             734-904-0546 Upledger Institutewww.upledger.com              800-233-5880 Equine CranioSacral Workshops with Maureen Rogerswww.equinecraniosacral.com             (831) 642-2210 E. Bailey Tunewww.equinecst.com  Craniosacral Therapy Books Your Inner Physician and You – CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.  Upledger D.O.,        O.M.M., John CranioSacral Therapy.  John Upledger CranioSacral Therapy II-Beyond the Dura.  John Upledger Tuning In: Equine Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release. E.Bailey Tune, L.M.T An Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy.  Don CohenCrystal Therapy Organizations Holessence – Dr. Laurie Buchananwww.holessence.com                         815-276-7173  Crystal Therapy Books Love is in the Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals.  Melody The Crystal Bible.  Hall, Judy The Book of Stones. Simmons, Robert/Ahsian, Naisha Gemstone Healing Guide – A Healing Apothecary.  Huggins, KristiFlower Essences Organizations Bach Flower Essenceswww.bachflower.com Flower Essence Societywww.flowersociety.org  Flower Essences Books Bach Flower Remedies for Animals.  Graham, Helen.  Vlamis, Gregory. The Flower Remedy Book.  Shapiro, Jeffery GarsonMassage Therapy Organizations American Massage Therapy Associationwww.amtamassage.org               847-864-0123 Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionalswww.abmp.com               800-458-2267  Massage Therapy Books Tappan’s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques.Tappan, Frances. Benjamin, PatriciaNatural Horsemanship Organizations & Notable People Meadowsweet Ranch:  Kathy Boettcher  www.meadowsweetranch.com   815-675-1177 Ray Hunt:  www.rayhunt.com Mark Rashid:  www.markrashid.com Peggy Cummings:  www.peggycummings.com Liz Graves:  www.lizgraves.com Larry Whitesell:  www.whitesellgaitedhorsemanship.com Leslie Desmond:  www.lesliedesmond.com Buck Brannaman:  www.brannaman.com Lee Smith:  www.leesmithdiamonds.com Cynthi Royal:  www.imagine-discoverthemagic.com Alexander Nevzorov:  www.hauteecole.com www.theholistichorse.com www.TheNaturalVet.net/boettkd www.earthsongranch.com www.holisticvetclinic.net  Natural Horsemanship Books Connected Riding.  Cummings, Peggy. Horses Don’t Lie.  Irwin, Chris. Real Riding.  Wood, Perry. The Soul of the Horse.  Camp, Joe. Centered Riding I & II .  Swift, Sally. Tao of Equus.  Kohanov, Linda. Balance in Movement.  von Dietze, Susanne. Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement.  Harris, Susan E. Dancing with Horses.  Hans Ferdinand Hempfling Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You.  Ramey, Pete Schooling Problems Solved with NLP.  Jago, Wendy Horse, Follow Closely.  Gawani Pony Boy   Reiki Organizations International Association of Reiki Professionalswww.iarp.org         603-881-8838 International Center for Reiki Trainingwww.reiki.org         800-332-8112 Reiki Alliancewww.reikialliance.com          208-783-3535 Reiki Blessings Academywww.reikiblessings.homestead.com         800-79-REIKI  Reiki Books Animal Reiki.  Fulton, Elizabeth.  Prasad, Kathleen. One Degree Beyond – A Reiki Journey into Energy Medicine. Narrin, JaneAnne Hands of Light.  Barbara Ann Brennan Reiki-a Torch in the Daylight.  Karyn Mitchell Reiki-Beyond the Usui System.  Karyn Mitchell Energy Medicine.  Donna Eden   Reflexology Organizations Association of Reflexologistswww.reflexology.org International Institute of Reflexologywww.reflexology-usa.net                727-343-4811  Shamanism / Animal Communication Organizations Foundation for Shamanic Studieswww.shamanism.org      415-380-8282 Society for Shamanic Practitionerswww.shamansociety.org     760-586-8252  Shamanism / Animal Communication Books Animal Speak.  Andrews, Ted Animal Voices.  Brunke, Dawn Baumann Learning Their Language.  Williams, Marta Nature Speak.  Andrews, Ted When Animals Speak.  Smith, Penelope Straight from the Horses Mouth.  Amelia Kinkade The Calico Shaman.  Carla Person Pets Have Souls Too.  Jenny SmedleySpiritual Growth & Enlightenment Books The Alchemist.  Paul Coelho On the Road.  Jack Kerouac The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  Mitch Album Tuesdays with Morrie.  Mitch Album The Tao of Pooh/The Te of Piglet .  Benjamin Hoff The Laws of Spirit.  Dan Millman No Ordinary Moments.  Dan Millman Living on Purpose.  Dan Millman Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  Dan Millman Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior.  Dan Millman The Life you were Born to Live.  Dan Millman Everyday Enlightenment.  Dan Millman Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.  Doreen Virtue Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards.  Doreen Virtue Archetype Cards.  Carolyn Myss Life 101 Series.  John Rogers Your Sacred Self.  Wayne Dyer What the Bleep do we Know.  William Arntz Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered.  Michelle Small Wright Soul Visioning.  Susan Wisehart Strength in the Storm  -  Creating calm in difficult times.  Easwaran Beginning Mindfullness  -  Learning the way of Awareness.  Andrew Weiss The Power of Now.  Eckhart Tolle A New Earth.  Eckhart Tolle Memories of the Afterlife.  Michael Newton Sacred Contracts.  Carolyn Myss Anatomy of the Spirit.  Carolyn Myss Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  Karol K. Truman The Wisdom of the Enneagram.  Don Richard Riso and Russ HudsonTraining Institutes Animal Spirit Healing & Education Networkwww.animalspiritnetwork.com                       815-531-2850 Companion Animal Touch Therapywww.companionanimaltouchandtherapies.com                     847-782-1963 Equinologywww.equinology.com             707-884-9963 Natural Healerswww.naturalhealer.com                      509-996-3682 Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institutewww.animalacupressure.com             301-681-3033  Yoga Organizations American Yoga Associationwww.americanyogaassociation.org               800-226-5859 International Association of Yoga Therapistswww.iayt.org               928-541-0004  Yoga Books Refining the Breath – The Yogic Practice of Pranayama, Doug Keller The Heart of Yoga, TKV Desikachar Moola Bandha, the Master Key, Swami Buddhananda Hatha Yoga Illustrated, Martin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff The Anatomy Coloring Book, Wynn Kapit/Lawrence M. Elson Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Satchidananda The Secret Power of Yoga, Nischala Joy Devi A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, Matthew W. Sanford How Yoga Works, Geshe Michael Roach Wherever you go there you are, Jon Kabat-Zinn Living Your Yoga- Finding the spiritual in Everyday Life, Judith Lasater Relax and Renew, Judith Lasater Ashtanga Yoga “The Practice Manual”, David Swenson The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga, Srivatsa Ramaswami The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness, Erich Schiffmann Anusara Yoga – Hatha Yoga in the Anusara Style, Doug Keller The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga – Ray Long Anatomy of Movement, Blandine Calais-Germain Anatomy of Hatha Yoga, Coulter The Bhagavad Gita Tao Te ChingAdditional Local Publications Evolving Your Spiritwww.evolvingyourspirit.com              847-726-2093 The Monthly Aspectarianwww.monthlyaspectarian.com               847-966-1110  For any other additional information, including questions, concerns, or where to locate more info, please feel free to contact me Beth SaborHolistic EssencePhone:  847-366-0087e-mail:  bkmassage1@yahoo.com   Complementary & Alternative TherapyAromatherapyCraniosacral TherapyCrystal TherapyFlower EssencesMassage TherapyNatural HorsemanshipReikiReflexologyShamanism & Animal CommunicationSpiritual Growth & EnlightenmentTraining InstitutesYogaAdditional Local Publications





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