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If you believe our animal friends and humans are from Source, God or whatever you choose to label it. Then you must believe our animal friends have feelings, thoughts and cry with pain just as we humans do when suffering occurs within their lives. Humans require “medicine” to heal their pain and so do our animal friends. We would like to share with you the “healing Journey” of our feline family members. Austin wandered into our lives almost two years ago as a kitten, he is a wonderfully affectionate little Kitty but he had some obvious emotional problems. We have 2 other cats who readily accepted him into our family but he had many difficulties integrating himself. Most notably his behavior toward Lilly our female cat was disruptive, aggressive and caused Lilly a great deal of fear, consequently at all costs she would try to avoid Austin. Jack on the other hand our other cat was not intimidated by Austin’s behavior so there was no fight. Over the past two years we saw an increase in Austin’s aggression and anxiety, many nights he would spend “howling” and wandering the house or trying to engage Lilly with negative behaviors waking us all up at night and even our Golden Retriever. We realized something had to change. We tried the first and most logical means to help him, starting with our Veterinarian. It was their recommendation we try medication to calm Austin down. Over a period of about one year we tried him twice on medication, the first time it actually helped temporarily. He did “chill” his jet engines for awhile but it had a very sedating effect on him and it changed his behavior so drastically, he stopped being part of the family, all he did was sleep and no longer played with Jack or his toys. The second time we tried medication, it really had no effect on his aggression toward Lilly. So we decided to seek alternative treatment to help Austin. Thankfully we found Beth who brought understanding, patience, guidance and healing for Austin and Lilly too. If you are a Pet owner who has behavioral problems and desire clarity and insight about the “root cause” of your pets’ problems and traditional medicine has not worked for you a Shaman can heal your pets and even you. They are able to journey to the origins of your suffering bringing healing, peace and new beginnings for your companions. Since Austin & Lilly’s healing, they are both changed Kitties. He no longer howls around the house at night, he will engage and play with Lilly and in return she is no longer fearful of him. They will actually show signs of affection toward one another by “licking” each others face. They both play on our bed together with their favorite cat toys and will sit side by side on the kitty stand. This is an amazing, wonderfully story of pet healings and we know it is long lasting for Austin and Lilly. There issues are resolved and we have assisted them along there journey through life. The calmness that results from a healing for your Pet will bring balance, peace and happiness to your Pet and you as a Pet owner. We can’t thank Beth enough for all of her help and kindness. Blessings to you, L.A.
"Through massage and journey work with Beth, I have been able to align mind, body and soul."
Vicki, Lake Forest "Beth recently came to our farm to work on many of our clients’ horses. She was able to communicate with each horse that she met. In every case, she was able to give us valuable feedback to the horse’s state of mind, wellness and attitude. Beth also surprised us, or should I say the horses surprised us, with some amusing feedback too! I can’t wait for the next sessions to see what else our horses have to tell us. I would recommend Beth to any owner or trainer that is wishing to gain additional insight into the horses that are under their care." Nicole, Gem Stone Farm, Inc. "I have had Beth come to work on all the horses in my care. She has done an amazing job communicating with the horses and helping the owners understand them more. She has also helped as part of the training team to help me alter a technique or piece of equipment to make all involved happier. In particular, I have a very sensitive young Trakener that has been difficult and dangerous to train. Beth did a journey with him. It was amazing to hear the story and the horse has been much easier since and seems to be much more well adjusted. Another horse has had problems with his right side. With Beth's energy work and help from the horse's massage therapy he is much less dull to the leg aids and is no longer dragging his front leg. I highly recommend having her input as part of the wellness and training team." Nikki, Gem Stone Farm, Inc. "My horse was on a 3 week stall rest for a strain in his suspensory ligament. He could only be walked for 20 minutes twice a day. I called Beth and had her come and do the raindrop therapy. I was present during this therapy. I saw the change in Rex he was so calm and relaxed! In fact with the various scent from the aromatherapy oils that are used in the raindrop technique it helped relax me as I stood by and watched! I will definitely do this again for both of us!" JoAnn and Fabulous Rex, Mundelein "I have used Beth to do some journey/animal communication work with some of my herd. I have found the information she has provided based on what she got from the animal and/or her spirit guides to be very helpful in enabling me to understand some behaviors; enabling me to better deal with a certain personality; and in working out some herd dynamics so that a group could get along. To some this sounds a bit "out there", but like they say, don't knock it unless you've tried it. I was skeptical about some of this stuff, but Beth's work turned out to be very advantageous." Kathy B., Spring Grove, IL



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